• Brenda Meeks

How illness inspired and birthed a business and an entrepreneur

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

I had MS and two different cancers in the 4th stages at the same time. As I was winding down from chemo treatments and 2 surgeries, I had developed 5 different rashes over my body. The dermatologist gave me 7 different prescriptions. All the prescriptions did was make the rashes worse. I had even more itching and discolored skin. I stop using them, and began to pray and ask God to show me natural ways to clear up my rashes. I began to research natural ways to clear up these rashes. After my sling completely healed up , I began to pray and research other naturals ways to get off my other 18 medications. Now I am only on 4 prescriptions. These products came out of prayer and my determination to live a better quality of life. The products has not only blessed me, but they have blessed others.

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Houston, TX

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