• Brenda Meeks

Focusing on others, will not make you a better person.

When I stop looking at all my husband‘s faults and start looking at

my own faults, our marriage improved. I was so busy trying

focusing on him, I neglected focusing own myself. When I began

to put all my focus on myself, it was embarrassing how bad I was. I realize I am responsible for what I do, and not responsible for

what he does. I had to apologize to him and ask God for forgiveness.

I have to answer to God for how I treat him and he has to do the same.

I have plenty of responsibilities trying to be the best wife I can be

I read all the scriptures in the Bible about marriage. I began to pray

and seek God, asking Him to make our marriage better. I learn that

valuable lesson after being married for 3 years.

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Houston, TX

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