• Brenda Meeks

God prepares us for where he is taking us.

I was in my little Art Studios 6 months ago. I had purchase some white

shelves from Ikea. As I looked around, I noticed that the studio was

transitioning from a Art Studio to a room where my Organic Body

Products was being developed and stored. I then realized God was

preparing me forwhere He was taking me. God began to open up doors

and opportunities for the product to be exposed. It became very

evident in my mind, that when we ask God to order or steps,

(ps.119:133) we have made a huge request. I begin to take

businesses class 6 months ago and I studied a lot about

Organic ingredients and I connected to a Chemist. (2 Tim.2:15)

Begin to think about preparing for where God is taking you.

If you want to be in a particular business, study that business and how to be successful. If you want to get married, read books

on how to be a good spouse. If we want good, we need

to be good and choose good. We‘ll talk more about that at a later date. In the effort to have better health we have to find out what it takes to

be healthier. What are we doing to damage our health? What do

we need to change immediately to live a healthier life? If we want to

be a better parents, study books on parenting, and go take

parenting classes. (James 2:26)

We’re apart of a instant gratification society. We want everything

right now. Anything you get Quick and easy is hard to appreciate and

generally it won’t last.Life is about the processes. It‘s in the processes

where we gain strength, character, and disciple.

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