• Brenda Meeks

Positives we can focus on during the Pandemic

1. Re-evaluate our spiritual relationship.

2. We have time to strengthen our relationship with our spouses.

3. Have open and honest loving Communications with our children.

4. Reach out to our family especially, your Elderly family.

4. We have time to focus on our health, both mentally and physically.

5. Learn more about our own financial business.

6. Clean out all those closets, drawers, file boxes.

6. We have an opportunity to work on all the broken items, and projects.

7. We can paint those room we been planning to paint.

9. We can finally plant that Garden we been wanting. 10. We can finally learn a foreign language.

11. We can delete all those annoying FB friends.

12. We can start writing our book.

13. We can finally start researching and starting our own business. 14. We can do all the arts and crafting we desire.

15. We can create our own at home workout program.

16. Learn how to FaceTime our family and friends.

18. Try out new food recipes.

19. Focus of our purposes and goals.

20. Read Read, and listen to Podcasts.

These are just a few, PLEASE ADD YOUR POSITIVES TO LIST ♥️

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