• Brenda Meeks

These products and an entrepreneur was birthed out of 2 cancers and MS

I was thinking today, that when friends and family find out about my products their

surprised. Of course no one is more surprised than me. But, they aren’t

surprised by my determination to use the best ingredients and give my best. I had my own Personal Shopping business for 15 years. I also created empowering events for Girls. We never know the totality of what God has in each one of us. I still shutter at the unbelievable medical suffering I endured for 12 years. It’s just reminds me that we can endure more than we give ourself credit for. Trials and Tribulations change us. It‘s up to us whether it make us better or bitter. If I hadn’t gotten MS at 33 and two cancers in the 4 stages at the same time 8 years ago, wouldn’t have these products. If all of these medical trials and tribulations hadn’t happen to me, I wouldn’t have found out, I was a pretty good Artist. If not for these illnesses, my husband wouldn’t have retired at 53 years old. He told me he couldn’t concentrate at work, he was worried that he would come home and find me dead. If it’s hasn’t been for MS and cancers, we wouldn’t have move to the only place I ever wanted to live. There are things, God want to give and put in us. These things only come through our trials and struggles. We cant get them any other way. It’s the process of suffering that allows us to become what God wants us to be. Obviously, I wouldn’t have

chosen those illnesses, but, I am really grateful for what God bought

out through them.

I’ll be blogging regularly on Dollys Sweet Diva Organic Products sites.

I hope I can say somethings to encourage you along the way. God

never designed us to not need each other. We are called to be a

blessing to each other. We are our Sisters and Brothers Keeper.


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