• Brenda Meeks

When a man loves his Wife

You can tell a woman is loved by the look

and smile on her face. He treating her like

he wants his Mother, Daughters, and

sisters treated. Observe how a man

you’re in nterested in treats and talks

about his Mother and the rest of the

women in his life. Watch how he intreats

the sales lady, waitress, etc. while

you’re together.

It hard to be what you aren’t. Meaning pretending takes a lot of effort and it doesn’t come naturally. Never jump into a relationship too quick. Try to witness his behavior and different situations. It reveals his character, his discipline and tolerance under stress

Try and go home with him several times

if you intend to marry him. The dynamic

of the family will reveal to you, what he

values, attitudes toward money, roles

in marriage, verbal and physical abuse

etc. Family are generally on their best

behavior the first visit. After the first

visit, you start to see the real dynamic.

What you see, is what you get. You can’t love them so much they’ll

change. You can pray for a person to

change, but the desire to change has to

be in them. You can’t remake a man

into your own image. We could save

ourselves a lot of agony if we accept

we can’t change people. It’s very

hard to change our own selves.

Men this also applies you. Use the

exact same routine when you’re

interested in a lady.

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